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Nov 11, 2012 10:00am EST
charitable impulse is important. after hurricane katrina someone took charity on me and married me. but there is this next step that has to happen. picture that there is almost a cartoon-like bad guy watching what happened. wringing his hands thinking how can i make changes in the education system, housing system. all these systems in a way that can enrich communities. advocates have to be on guard and ready. the problem is that the advocates who have to be ready are oftentimes the folks who suffer the most at the hands of this disaster. i met a guy, a pastor yesterday in atlantic city who is suffering from this disaster and he's holding his son and homeless. but he's teaching other folks what do during this disaster. oftentimes, advocates aren't even ready to take on the big picture, the thing that's coming next. >> the red hook is a really good example for the need for government and investment in communities. red hook, there's amazing stories of community support, of the intern who came down and set up a clinic in red hook. because you had people who weren't getting their insulin, wh
Nov 3, 2012 7:00am PDT
structural core. a housing cyclone that hollowed out more homes that hurricane katrina and sandy combined. the very definition of disaster needs broadening. we need to recapture the initial horror created by those single natural disaster and put it toward the relief of our on going national disasters. the energy gathered by gale force winds has the power to focus our public attention. superstorm sandy may help the electorate focus in the few days that remain in the 2012 presidential campaign. our vote on tuesday will be for a disaster manager and chief taking charge of a country in an economic state of emergency, building a society that leaves all of us more prepared for disaster. at my table is ari melber, msnbc contributor. norry tan dan, kate dawson and david rodi, a reuters columnist and contributor for the atlantic. thank you all for being here. >> i want to start with you. the article, the piece you wrote was about the inequalities that have been revealed in the con te context of sandy. >> i am one of the privileged new yorkers. there has always been divisions in the city but this s
Nov 24, 2012 7:00am PST
after hurricane katrina. now he wants to help people in the northeast. drew brees and his wife brittany told cbs they formed the drew brees foundation committing $1 million to help with super storm sandy relief efforts. that matches the $1 million pledge the nfl and players made to the red cross just after sandy. >>> congressman jesse jackson jr. is resigning after dealing with bipolar disorder and other health problems for nearly a year. he said wednesday he needs to spend time getting better. he's been away from d.c. for most of the year. jackson is also being investigated for possibly trying to get president obama's old senate seat in exchange for fundraising. he has denied doing anything wrong. >>> we know you spend the first part of your saturday and sunday right here on hln but what's are you up to? we want to see what weekends in america look like in your hometown. kimberly captured this sweet moment in colorado springs, colorado. look at the mama and her fawn. she says she's thankful for photo ops like this. deer had been walking through her front yard on a daily basis.
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)